Dukie Grad: Mike Posner

So I’ve been loving Mike Posner’s cover to Coldplay’s “The Scientist” the past couple of days. Top of the iPod playlist, added to my phone as a potential ringtone, you name it. Posner does a great job of making such a chill song into an even more dope song. I like the original song, but can’t help but think that Posner’s version blows it out of the universe. With a mix of some heavy bass and some synth, the cover shouldn’t disappoint. Who knew that good things actually come out of Duke University 😛 (jk…and shout out to my 3 favorite Dukie Girls)!! Rating: 5/5

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Que Pasa?

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the Electro/House section, so hopefully these selected tracks more than make up for the absence. The first song “Que Pasa” is a great initial banger that should have you nodding and jamming to the beat. The vocals aren’t overdone with an emphasis on synths (like any good electro/house track). Rating: 4/5 Continue reading

A Song for Recent College Grads

Here’s a song specifically for recent college grads. Definitely a song that should be played during your graduation parties and the many summer parties that must be thrown before y’all head off to your post-grad schools or careers. Even though time is passing us by, and our responsibilities are growing…just remember to “Never Grow Up”. Rating: 4.5/5

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Space Jam Mashup…Nostalgia Much?

Space Jam is one of the greatest movies I had seen during my youth. But who knew that combining Space Jam with other great songs of the 90’s could create a mashup worthy to be played at any party. Mr. Rogers Productions (who was previously posted before) delivers another sick mashup that made it to the top of my current iPod playlist. Rating: 5/5 Continue reading

The Game, Drake, Tinie Tempah, Kid Ink

Here are a compilation of songs from artists that you have heard from, and from artists that you may be hearing for the first time. The Game and Drake have already made it big in the States and the two tracks that they are featured in are download worthy. The last two artists, Tinie Tempah and Kid Ink, are artists that may have flown under your radar but their talent is undeniable. Tinie Tempah has a pretty big following across the seas in the U.K., while Kid Ink is an artist based out of Los Angeles that is garnering a faithful following.

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Brenton Duvall, Mother Earth, 3LAU, & DubMashProductions

Here’s an awesome selection of different mashup songs done by various mashup artists. Each song has their own distinct flair and the combinations of the song choices to mash together for each song is spot on. Believe me, trying to find the right songs to go with the right beats is tons harder than just putting the two songs together.

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So I got a little behind on my posts today, so you’ll have to forgive me, but there is good news. Since I drove for a good 2 hours non-stop, I was able to find some new dubstep songs that I believe you guys are going to enjoy. There is going to be a mix of dubstep types, ranging from an absolutely grimey and full of whomps song, a dubstep remix of a hip hop song, and an absolute banger. Just keep on reading to… Continue reading