Bruneaux – FirePokeMan

I don’t even know what to say about this…It’s hilarious, it works, it’s great. Bruneaux really shows his diversity and his ability to mash anything together and make it interesting. I’ve heard this is the first of many pokemon-themed mashups, so we shall see what he has in store in the future for us. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Swagged Out Vol. 2 – Make Sure You’re Swagged Out for the Weekend

The monster album: Swagged Out Vol. 2 is finally out. Man it feels good to say that, and it feels even better to hear the tracks on the album. 19 tracks, 19 different artists each with their own unique style. Some tracks are A + B mashes, some resemble the mashups of Girl Talk, while others implement the use of electro and/or dubstep to act as the main beat of their mash. Either way, you’re going to find tracks that you will enjoy…guaranteed. I’ve heard most of these artists, save for a few, and having all of them on one album is a blessing for the mashup community. So get to listening below, and download all that you want after the jump…

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Home-Grown Artists: From Nothing to Something

The interview is finally here!!! After much waiting and talking (and mainly jamming to music), the interview with Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and a late add DJ Improper is complete. Couldn’t have had a better time with these guys. Some down-to-earth guys that got their music queued up in a private TT room, and we got the interview process underway. I’ve known these guys for about a week (most likely less), and the relaxed nature and camaraderie between us was evident. Jokes flying left and right, talking about music and mashes, couldn’t have asked for a better interview.

So I want to start off by describing what we believe a Home-Grown Artist is. A Home-Grown Artist is a masher that has great songs available, but doesn’t have the publicity as say Kap Slap, Girl Talk, The White Panda, etc. Whether they be a new masher, or one who has produced a couple of songs…a Home-Grown is an artist that deserves the recognition that they may not have received yet. Each of the guys interviewed above a certain style about themselves and have been well-received in the room. So take a look at the interview after the jump. The Q&A session (with most jokes/banter) is posted, and at the end I’ll include the full transcript via Dropbox. Tell us what you think at the end, and keep showing these guys support. Thanks to Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and DJ Improper for sitting down and getting this interview done. Continue reading

New Artists: Bruneaux and The Airport District

Two brand new home-grown artists (as we are calling them now) to Boom!!!NewMusic sent me their stuff through email…and am I glad they did. They both have a unique way of mixing, yet while there are differences between the two, both The Airport District and Bruneaux know what they are doing and produce great results. Below are two tracks for each of them for you to check them out…

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