What Can I Say…I Love Me Some Wick-It

My man Wick-It has dropped two new tracks these past two days, and damn am I stoked. What I love about Wick-It is his ability to branch out to so many genres, but he doesn’t it half-ass the effort. The guy does mashes, he does dubstep, he’s got some drumstep, and now he’s ventured into moombahton. Insanely talented to be willing to try all of that, but he’s definitely confident, because his skill shows in these amazing tracks. The first track, which is of the moombahton genre, has a funky fresh vibe to it that just sounds fun. As soon as it started going, I was instantly hooked with the funky beat that Wick-It has playing. Probably my favorite of these two new tracks, but that isn’t to say that his drumpstep track is bad. I had the good fortune of listening to Wick-It live, and meeting him, and these tracks just bring back those great memories of my first event. So get to listening and downloading below…

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DJ Rudy, Dotcom, Wick-It, AND DJ Change…what more do you need?

Exactly what the title says…what more do you need for a glorious Thursday? I do believe this may be my greatest day of multiple posts with the quality of the tracks that have been posted. The inclusion of these 4 songs definitely amp up any music library, and you shall be the envy of your fellow drivers who just so happen to hear you blasting these tunes from your car. Or you know, you can just start your own dorm party…whatever floats your boat. Continue reading

Sunset Season with some Man Talk

Got some fresh new tracks from DJ Trademark and Wick-It. Trademark gives us a track that he says is “the last-bit-of-summer-jam that you need for your car, your iPod, your whatever”. And frankly, I agree with him. The track is definitely deserving up being uploaded to whatever device you listen to your music with whether it be a computer/laptop, iPod, Zune, etc. Wick-It’s new track has a more funky feel to it in my opinion, but that’s what makes it stand out. It’s not a normal dance track in which you go crazy with, but it is however a track that has some feel-good vibes and is deserving of many plays. Make sure you share these songs with your friends, your friends’ friends, your family, and even random people. They will be sure to thank you. Check out the tracks below Continue reading