DJ CHANGE – Lessons Without You

DJ CHANGE gives us a fresh track right after the release of Kaskade’s Fire and Ice album (if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should definitely drop by the iTunes store and pick it up). Sampling Kaskade’s Lessons In Love, CHANGE creates a banger fit for any party. Honestly I think this mash is worthy of being on Kaskade’s own album…yeah it’s that good in my opinion. So while you guys get to listening and downloading, I’ll continue my writing (but I’ll still jam out cuz it’s what I do)… Continue reading

DJ Change – I Like Skrillex

So, you either like Skrillex or you hate him. Personally, I like his crazy fast-paced tracks, the drops and the buildups, the intensity of his tracks. Now what DJ Change has done with combining two Skrillex tracks intensifies both Skrillex’s Love in Motion and his Reptile theme song. I love how the intro has that gameboy-type beat with a more passive intro that concentrates on the vocals. Simplistic yet still manages to capture your attention. Now once the drop occurs, DJ Change throws on the insanity that is Reptile. Even with the passive intro, the transition is smooth and very well done. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Swagged Out Vol. 2 – Make Sure You’re Swagged Out for the Weekend

The monster album: Swagged Out Vol. 2 is finally out. Man it feels good to say that, and it feels even better to hear the tracks on the album. 19 tracks, 19 different artists each with their own unique style. Some tracks are A + B mashes, some resemble the mashups of Girl Talk, while others implement the use of electro and/or dubstep to act as the main beat of their mash. Either way, you’re going to find tracks that you will enjoy…guaranteed. I’ve heard most of these artists, save for a few, and having all of them on one album is a blessing for the mashup community. So get to listening below, and download all that you want after the jump…

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DJ Change’s latest track and other Must Downloads

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the songs that I have (newly added and older ones) but it’s never hard for me to just bring up iTunes and have a track that won’t get me bobbing playing right away. DJ Change brings us another track that can be easily categorized in such a group. A MUST DOWNLOAD in my opinion, so make sure you jump on it and download below. The intro has a nice little quality about it that gets you going right away (possibly fist-pumping down low?) and Pitbull starts the mashup extravaganza that DJ Change has created. Make sure you check out his other tracks that can be found in the blog… Continue reading