DJ abSRD – Three Cheers For Tonight

My man abSRD has done it again. Creating Three Cheers for Tonight, abSRD gives us an upbeat electro/dance mash that certainly fits his style. Heck, he even included my hispanic brother (no, we’re not actually related or I would be seeing Anna Kournikova more often) Enrique Iglesias and the rap group that I heard during P.E. when I was a little kid: Tag Team. Yeah, after a couple plays the song really grew on me, so I’ll just tell you that it is a must download. So listen and download below… Continue reading

Dotcom + abSRD = Great Collaboration

So it’s finally happened. Two of my favorite up-and-coming DJs decided to collab together for one amazing track. I always thought their musical styles would work well together, and the final result of their collaborative effort doesn’t even come close to disappointing. The intro has sort of a trance-like beat to it that draws you in, and gets you moving ever so slightly. It may have ran a little long in my opinion, but after a couple of listens I consider it a very minor detraction from the song, and didn’t notice it after awhile. The choice of vocals (ranging from Taio Cruz to Nicki Minaj to Britney Spears) were very effective and I felt that each vocal track corresponded well with each beat section. For example, for Cruz’s section I felt that he added to the buildup while Nicki Minaj’s section was a great choice for when the beat dropped. Hopefully these two DJs decide to collab together again after such a successful first collab track together. Continue reading

A small preview of Absrd

So I was chilling in the turntable room Mashupfm making changes to my blog, when I started hearing a mash that I had never heard. I had heard the songs played together, but this particular mash was something new to me. So I dropped back in, and Absrd was playing his own tracks, which I snapped up quickly. Dropping two of his tracks right now, so make sure to download them and hit up his soundcloud and facebook after the jump Continue reading