Kap Slap – Chris Brown’s Temper

Kap Slap came out with a new track this past Monday, named “Chris Brown’s Temper”, and it is worthy of a download. Not as heavy as some of his most recent tracks in my opinion, but he does a great job of mixing and mashing the vocals of Chris Brown with Axwell & Dirty South instrumentals, but probably my favorite part is the use of Temper Trap’s vocals. It just sounds smooth and everything goes very well with each other. So make sure you take a listen and download the track if you so wish after the jump… Continue reading

Kap Slap – Guetta’s Calling Solveig Up

Kap Slap is at it again, this time mashing up Ingrosso & Alesso with Foster the People along with David Guetta and Martin Solveig w/ the Dragonnettes. I’ve heard all these songs in one form or another, except for maybe Guetta’s “Titanium”, but combining all 4 like Kap Slap has yielded a great mashup. Not necessarily as heavy as some of Kap Slap’s other tracks, but the track is still a must-have for parties. The intro with Foster the People vocals being chopped up while leading into the Dragonnettes’ vocal buildups is probably my favorite part of the entire track, but in all the song is another hit for Kap Slap. Take a listen and download below… Continue reading

Some new Kap; some new tracks; a new week

I’m starting off my Monday afternoon with some new Kap Slap that dropped last night. Could I be more excited? Kap ingeniously mashed together the spoof video “Paper Towels” with some La Roux, Britney Spears, Deadmau5, and Lazy Rich. The result: another great track (which has come to be expected from Kap). At first, I wasn’t too sure of La Roux being paired with that intro beat, but it grew on me after a couple more listens. However, probably my favorite part of the track is the Paper Towels guy. Definitely not something that I expected from Kap, but it works will in both a mashup and comedic way. Also throwing up some tracks (electro, mashups, dubstep) for your listening pleasure. Not too bad of a way to start the week. Continue reading

2 Artists…1 Winner?

Here’s a first for Boom!! NewMusic: a battle between two different mashup artists from Lehigh University. First up is Kap Slap with 2 mashups: 1) X Gon’ Kill That Boy and 2)  Illmerican Blow, going against 5 & A Dime with 1) Stereo Thongs and 2) I Let Her Touch It

Kap Slap – X Gon’ Kill That Boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4hvuSruVUo

Kap Slap – Illmerican Blow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfFcgzhSLX0


5 & A Dime – Stereo Thongs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzj5fjEfAJU

5 & A Dime – I Let Her Touch It: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i583wYCsDzQ

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UPDATE: I’ve been requested for links to mixtapes for both artists (if there were any), and luckily both have come out with something. Kap Slap released 151 http://whitelabelnation.com/blog/?p=1578 and 5 & A Dime’s latest release is Ear Candy http://www.fiveandadime.com/fiveandadime/Home.html . Enjoy!