DJ abSRD – Three Cheers For Tonight

My man abSRD has done it again. Creating Three Cheers for Tonight, abSRD gives us an upbeat electro/dance mash that certainly fits his style. Heck, he even included my hispanic brother (no, we’re not actually related or I would be seeing Anna Kournikova more often) Enrique Iglesias and the rap group that I heard during P.E. when I was a little kid: Tag Team. Yeah, after a couple plays the song really grew on me, so I’ll just tell you that it is a must download. So listen and download below… Continue reading

Home-Grown Artists: From Nothing to Something

The interview is finally here!!! After much waiting and talking (and mainly jamming to music), the interview with Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and a late add DJ Improper is complete. Couldn’t have had a better time with these guys. Some down-to-earth guys that got their music queued up in a private TT room, and we got the interview process underway. I’ve known these guys for about a week (most likely less), and the relaxed nature and camaraderie between us was evident. Jokes flying left and right, talking about music and mashes, couldn’t have asked for a better interview.

So I want to start off by describing what we believe a Home-Grown Artist is. A Home-Grown Artist is a masher that has great songs available, but doesn’t have the publicity as say Kap Slap, Girl Talk, The White Panda, etc. Whether they be a new masher, or one who has produced a couple of songs…a Home-Grown is an artist that deserves the recognition that they may not have received yet. Each of the guys interviewed above a certain style about themselves and have been well-received in the room. So take a look at the interview after the jump. The Q&A session (with most jokes/banter) is posted, and at the end I’ll include the full transcript via Dropbox. Tell us what you think at the end, and keep showing these guys support. Thanks to Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and DJ Improper for sitting down and getting this interview done. Continue reading