3LAU – Jupiter Unison

3lau, one of the fastest rising DJs, has dropped another gorgeous track by the name of Jupiter Unison and hot damn it’s nice (did I really just use hot damn?). Combining some Cobra Starship, Porter Robinson, Dallask, LMFAO, and Maroon 5, 3lau creates an instant mash hit. I couldn’t even begin to tell/figure out what my favorite part of the track is, maybe it’s the vocals of Cobra Starship’s “Make Me Feel”, maybe it’s the dope instrumentals of Dallask and Porter Robinson, but this is one track that you don’t want to miss and a must play at any party. Listen and download the greatness below… Continue reading

3LAU’s Gift to us for 10k fans

3LAU has hit another milestone and like the great artist that he is, he has released another beautiful mashup combining Alesso with Afrojack. This song has such a sexy quality about it, with the gorgeous vocals and the smooth beat, this isn’t necessarily a massive club banger but definitely one that should/will get plays in any type of dance environment. This track shows me the skill/range that 3LAU has developed, so make sure you take a listen and download below… Continue reading

3LAU – Dance Floor Filth

So my man 3LAU has finally released his insanely filthy album, appropriately called Dance Floor Filth, and it doesn’t disappoint during any of the 12 tracks. While most of these have been available on his Soundcloud account (http://soundcloud.com/3lau), having them compiled into an album like this seems to take the music listening experience to another level. 3LAU wisely opens up with his massive banger “Jagger Bomb” – which lets you know right away that 3LAU isn’t messing around – and follows it up with one of his most successful tracks “All Night Long”. Yet this isn’t the same “All Night Long” track; 3LAU chose to remaster this track, along with a couple others, for this album. In all, there are 4 new songs (“new” meaning having been released in the past month or so) which are all high-intensity tracks, which seems to be a common theme for this album. So congrats to 3LAU for releasing such a filthy album, and make sure to take a listen to some of the tracks found and download from 3LAU’s official site found below…

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3LAU & Sex Ray Vision

3LAU and Sex Ray Vision have teamed up to bring us a great remix to a track of Tiesto’s. While the track is currently unreleased, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to hear it over in Mashupfm over at Turntable. So the fact that it’s battling for the top spot in Tiesto’s Remix Contest isn’t a shock at all. Show 3LAU and Sex Ray Vision some love and vote them up. Vote here: 3LAU and Sex Ray Vision’s Submission (fyi the image below doesn’t send you to Tiesto’s page. For some reason, when I link it to the image it doesn’t register. Click this link to get to Tiesto’s Remix Contest page: http://www.facebook.com/tiesto?sk=app_200206920042844)

New tracks from DJ Trademark, V. Becks, 3LAU, and more…

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any new music, so here are the latest new tracks from some great names in the mashup business. DJ Trademark makes an absolute banger with LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” track, V. Becks delivers a solid track that would get any party started, and 3LAU does what he always does: a track that exudes excellency. Check them and more out below… Continue reading

USC athletics combined with great music…Winning

So these two video’s aren’t exactly with new tracks or anything. But they employ great music and create some epic visuals of athletic talents in snowboarding and skiing. In one video we have music from 3LAU and in the other we have music from Avicii. I can’t help but love the videos not only because of the artists, but also because USC is by far my favorite college. Hate on USC all you want, but you do have to admit that the videos are epic good. Fight On Trojans 🙂 Continue reading

3LAU remembering Amy Winehouse

So 3LAU put together a great track remembering the life of Amy Winehouse, who unfortunately passed away not too long ago. Can’t say I ever really listened to her music but regardless of what I thought of her music, I’m sure her musical talents will be missed by many. And as always, 3LAU gives us another great track but this time in remembrance of Winehouse. Check it out below… Continue reading

3LAU & The White Panda: New Songs

So big-name artists, 3LAU and The White Panda, just released new tracks respectively. 3LAU came out with “Yacht Week In America”, while The White Panda came out with “Children of the Lights”. Both songs are great new additions to your music library, but i prefer 3LAU’s song more. Each artist though has definitely found a great way to mix and mash songs together. Check the songs after the jump… Continue reading

Brenton Duvall, Mother Earth, 3LAU, & DubMashProductions

Here’s an awesome selection of different mashup songs done by various mashup artists. Each song has their own distinct flair and the combinations of the song choices to mash together for each song is spot on. Believe me, trying to find the right songs to go with the right beats is tons harder than just putting the two songs together.

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